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  • How do I order?
    Follow these steps: 1. Send a message in the message box provided on our Contact page. 2. From there we will establish a quick "get to know you" relationship 3. Tell me about the desserts you desire for your event. 4. You'll then give me details about the event, theme colors, EVERYTHING. Send inspiration pictures too. 5. Include your First and Last Name, Phone Number and Email Address, and send you an invoice. 6. Your order DOES NOT start until payment is made, it's imperative you pay on the invoice the day you receive it, incase anything needs to be ordered for YOUR order ahead of time and to lock in your date and time. (I only work on one order at a time). 7. If payment is not made on time, you will receive 3 reminders. After the third reminder your order will be bumped ,when other paid orders come in they will receive priority. Your order WILL NOT be made until payment is made on time. To AVOID this, please pay when invoice is sent. 8. IF you're having financial issues I can work with your budget AND set up payment arrangements. Just keep an open communication line so I can understand your situation and so you can still have an amazing cake. 9. Deposits are required for wedding cakes only, in which 50% of payment is due day of receiving the invoice. All other cakes are to be paid in full day invoice is received.
  • How soon should I order?
    For all orders: Please reach out to us and we'll let you know if our books are full. Typically with any order it depends on what is needed for that order. -For really small personal orders, 3-4 days in advance is a good start. -For orders requiring special toppers and decorative items, we ask you place that 1-2 weeks in advance. -For larger orders that require a lot of work and to feed many, we ask that you place your order 3-4 weeks in advance.
  • When is payment for my order due?
    The same day you receive your invoice. We DO NOT take deposit, only paid in full orders. We are not a storefront so its impossible for us to show orders left behind in order to sell and not go to waste. In addition, due to the times and dishonest individuals, we ONLY take payment in full. If you need to make payment arrangements, please communicate that when ordering.
  • Do you bake you strictly gluten free?
    Short answer. Yes, mainly. However, soon I will be offering paleo snacks and a more less gluten free option of desserts such ass cereal cookies and loaded cupcakes. Which will have its own area and all to itself. COMING SUMMER 2023!!!
  • Do you offer nut free options?
    YES. I don't normally bake with any nut products. I do however make fudge that can include walnuts, I make chocolate bars that can include nuts and sometimes my Smash hearts can include wrapped products that may contain nuts. IF YOU DO NOT WANT NUTS IN WHAT WAS MENTIONED ABOVE, PLEASE SPECIFY.
  • Do you deliver?
    Not always. If our schedule permits it I will offer it to you. Typically ALL orders require pick up and I will provide you the address the day before your pickup.
  • Do you ship?
    YES!!! We can have an order sent to you or someone you love in another city or state. 2 day shipping is required in order for your items to hold up in packaging and arrive FRESH. Please provide address to ship to when ordering so we can include the shipping amount to your order.
  • Do you offer cake toppers?
    YES. If you are allowing creative freedom, need a cake topper let me know when placing your order.
  • How will I know you received my order request?
    We will reach out to you via Email or Text/Phone within 24-hours regarding your order. Once details are established, an invoice will be sent to you via email or text, then payment is required to LOCK IN your order.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    We can, yes. Please reach out to us with your Name, Phone #, Business, any links to your business, what it is you're wanting to offer in your business and we'll establish a relationship from there. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!
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